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A Solamon Journey

Innovative from the Mint.
Build together the future of blockchain games

Collect, Fight & Earn

Play-to-Mint, increasing staking APY over time, Community-driven game structure & development.


Solabull's destiny was to be a “Corrida’ bull. He fought endlessly and won. Bulls aren’t supposed to win and was up for execution. Ultimately, he was spared, and as a testament to his fallen comrades Bullamon seeks exposure to the injustice done by humans. He travelled to Solamon City to be the Symbol against Injustice, to spread the word against the misbehaviors of animals. He has a complicated relationship with Bearamon, as he never understood why he was never kind to him, they are fighting on the same side, for different reasons. Bullamon however, is tough and doesn’t pay attention to it, as he considers all Solamons opponents in his conquest.

Δ Ξ Π β φ Ξ
Ξ ϑ Σ Θ Λ Β Γ
β Γ Θ ϑ Β Σ Ξ


Solamon Roadmap


Clans Season Battle
Become Solamon Champion in Clans Season Battle. A recurring event where 4 Clans compete against each other to be the best Clan and earn the title “Winner”. The Champion Clan receives rewards for its members such as bonus points for the next Season and some $SMON.
By & For the Players
Clan organizations can be very different from one another, the community members lead clans the way they deem best. Clans are the foundations of our communities; through the discord the clans can plan and organize their ideas that they can bring into the game. The clans are the pillars of our structures, and we want them to represent the people and support for other players.
The Clans will have to manage the earned $SMON and are free to spend it however they choose including distribution to its members. Clans can vote for rules and organization as well, they play a vital role : they all represent equal governance parts in the game’s ecosystem.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Solamon?
Solamon is a NFT gaming ecosystem based on Solana. Solamons are unique #NFT creatures designed to be collected, loved and exchanged. They have their own unique story, capacity, strengths and weaknesses.
They are the Solamon City first inhabitants.
Is there any known mint release date?
What will be mint price?
How can I buy it?
What is the $SMON token?
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